6 Ancient Indonesian Kencana Coins That Used To Be Payment Equipment

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Who would have thought that Indonesia had also issued its own ancient Indonesian gold coins and used them as payment instruments. Now that coin money has begun to be used less often, not only because of its small value, digital payments have grown and are much more efficient.

But if you look at the development of gold itself, this incident is not foreign, remembering that gold and silver used to be legal exchange equipment and their value did not change. But because it was very expensive to manufacture, and because of its ineffective use as a modern payment instrument, the use of gold coins began to decline.

6 Types of Indonesian Ancient Kencana Coins Target Collectors and Have Become Payment Equipment

1. Metal Children of The World Year 2000

Investment Consultant Indonesia  ~ In January 2000, Bank Indonesia issued a golden coin series as one of the stages of the development of Children Of The World. A distinctive characteristic of the coin is that it has a painting in the form of a child playing Jaran Lumping on one side and a Kukila Garuda on the other.

One coin is part Rp150. 000, 00, starting from a real golden with a weight close to 6.22 gr. This coin has been minted, so the last series of gold coins creation from the Indonesian bank.

2. Special Series of People’s Coins Circulated in 1995

One metal that is still legal until now is the People’s Series in 1995. It was circulated during the era of President Soeharto’s regime and has not been withdrawn until now. This means that until now it is being a legal payment tool. This series has 2 types, the initial section of 300,000 rupiah and the second section of 850,000 rupiah. Weighing each between 30 grams and 50 grams, is a real golden. It is hinted at by a painting of Suharto’s head of state.

3. Special Version Save The Children Fund 1990

The next ancient Indonesian gold coin was the Save the Children Fund series, circulated in 1990. A distinctive characteristic of the coin is that it has the Save The Children note, engraved on one of the coin’s plains. Not only that, there are also paintings that are typical of Balinese culture, proving the traditional peace in Indonesia. For the denomination itself, there is only a part of 200,000 rupiah, and its circulation was withdrawn in 1990, meaning that it is no longer legal as a payment instrument.

4. Special Issued Coins 1987

If you look at metal with a painting of a rhinoceros and the words “Meaning 1987”, you are very Asian, because it is one of Indonesia’s golden metal. One coin has real gold material weighing close to 10 grams, and has a figure of 200,000 rupiah.

5. Special Issued Coins 1974

A little older, this one coin was launched in 1974, has the character of a dragon painting on one side and an eagle on the other. Having a share figure of 100,000 rupiah, weighing in at around 30 grams, is quite extraordinary.

6. Special Issued Coins 1970

This one money is the first edition from Bank Indonesia, has 5 series, which are worth 2000, 5000, 10, 000, 20, 000, and 25,000. Although the initial edition has not been distributed yet, so it can still be used as a replacement tool. .

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