Here’s How to Set Meal Hours Properly

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Maybe you’ve been confused all this time, how many times should a person eat in one day to achieve the best results in losing weight? With so much conflicting data scattered on the Internet, it will be difficult for anyone to conclude what kind of diet is the best to try.

However, if you are wondering how many times you should eat per day, in fact the response will be very diverse. Not only that, in fact there are some things that are more meaningful to pay attention to than the regulation of meal times.

Managing Meal Duration

The duration of eating is very important for weight loss methods. Not only that, the thing that matters isn’t the length of hours and minutes that last between meals, but once you’ve made sure of that break, you have to stick to it like clockwork.

As an illustration, with my own opinion that eating every 4 hours is a good thing, now here you have to explore this rule and act according to that rule. The body will quickly get used to it. The body goes something like this: “I’ve just been fed, and will be getting more food in the next 4 hours. Therefore, I can burn extra calories that I don’t need between now and tomorrow.”

On the other hand, if you try this type of eating pattern for example: skip breakfast, eat a big lunch, maybe snack again in 2 hours, take another meal 5 hours after that, then wake up in the middle of the night and eat a snack, your body doesn’t know. what else happens, and will save and store more calories.

This is because the body does not know when to be fed again. This is a method of survival and will create fat storage and accumulation. This is an illustration of how a person’s metabolism will slow down. Remember dexterity or lack of metabolism can be determined by yourself through a fresh lifestyle.

Things That Are More Meaningful Than Meal Hours

There are several things that are more meaningful for you to focus on losing weight than just managing mealtimes:

1. Regulate Meal Ration and Selection of Healthy Food

First, you must decide to eat a balanced and fresh diet with the right amount for your goals and a fresh lifestyle. This is a very important thing to pay attention to because it will affect the success of the weight loss program that you are currently undergoing.

2. Consistent

As with setting meal times, the secret to achieving anything in life is to stay consistent with the way you live. Try to fight yourself not to change in some things such as setting a balanced ration, choosing fresh foods, and managing meal times. If you are responsible, be prepared to get results that are also responsible.

3. Another Guide to Healthy Eating

Remember, everyone has different favorite foods to consider as a diet aid. Likewise with their medical history and lifestyle. Meeting a reliable dietitian or talking to a doctor at Halodoc is one of the best ways to achieve your desired weight loss goals. Doctors can calculate daily needs and formulate special nutritional concepts. However, here are also some bonus tips for successfully losing weight:

  • A selection of fresh, comforting and filling dishes. This includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.
  • Balance meals and snacks. Fill half the plate with foods, such as vegetables, which have lots of nutrients, fiber, and few calories. This can help you eat large-calorie foods in small portions, such as pasta, rice, and meat.
  • Write down what you eat. Daily food apps and novels that track calories can help you see what and when you should eat.
  • Be careful. Practice is a difference between physical hunger and hunger triggered by food availability or saturation.
  • Schedule ahead. Don’t forget to eat or let yourself be very hungry. This can put you at risk of overeating.
    Stay away from high-calorie drinks. Soda and juice provide lots of calories but few nutrients. Not only that, they don’t do much to make you feel full.

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