Know the Types of Good Dates for Investment

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Investment Consultant Business in Indonesia  ~ Know the advantages of different types of gold investment and match your goals with investment for profitable results. Most people only understand that gold investment revolves around gold jewelry and gold bars only. Meanwhile, gold capital is usually divided into 2, namely in the form of Real Assets and Paper Assets. So that your investment is profitable, you should understand the types of gold that are good for investment.

1. Capital Kencana Real Asset

Golden investment in real assets has a physical form that can be held.

2. Golden Bar

This type of gold is one of the types of gold that is good for capital. Kencana bars or commonly called this great metal in the form of pieces or rods. Gold bullion investment is one of the well-known investments because its character has 99% genuine gold.

The advantage of gold bars for capital is that it is a convenient and easy way of buying and selling. But the drawback is that gold capital in the form of bars is prone to robbery, exhaustion, and destruction which can lower the price of gold.

3. Jewelry Date

Jewelery is more suitable for long-term investment because when you buy gold jewelry you are charged with making gold, but when reselling gold jewelry, the store will only pay for the gold. So the cost of making jewelry is not calculated, as a result the selling price of gold will decrease. So from that gold jewelry is not suitable for short-term capital.

4. Gold Coins

Gold coins have various forms such as edition gold coins, ancient gold coins, dinar gold coins, and others. In Indonesia, gold coins are often used as capital for people who want to have funds for the pilgrimage, so from that gold coins are often referred to as ONH or Hajj Ride Fees.

The advantage is that gold coin investment is comfortable with inflation, but when buying gold coins you will be charged with Value Added Tax or VAT.

Kencana Paper Asset

1. Gold Deed

A gold deed is a fact of ownership of gold that is hidden in the bank. The advantage of investment in the form of a certificate is that you don’t need to make money to put gold in the form of a body in a deposit box. Investment using a deed is also a substitute to reduce the effect of the gold dismantling.

2. Mutual Budget Gold

Golden budget mutual funds are invested in sports trading and also in the gold industry stock business. This investment has an advantage because the owner is not required to put sports equipment, and can be tried online, one of which is through the marketplace. The profits obtained from this type of capital originate from the stock business of the gold mining industry as well as the gold sports trading.

3. Trading Gold

For a moment, exchange trade funds or gold trading are actually close to gold budget mutual funds. However, what is different is the transaction. The method of buying and selling gold is tried on the money market floor, but the procedure is more complex than buying and selling gold by physical means.

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