Methods of Software and Computer Hardware Activities

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A PC is a series or group of electronic machines consisting of thousands to millions of parts that work together, and make a very precise system of activities. PC parts such as hardware, applications, and brainware are 3 parts that cannot be separated from a PC.

So that it can be used as best as possible. This system can be used to perform a series of tasks automatically, with a queue of commands (instructions) or programs submitted to them.

  • Hardware Interpretation

In Indonesian, hardware is also commonly called Hardware features which are files of several parts or parts of a PC body that manage a PC system. In this way the totality of hardware is divided based on the way it works into 3 groups, namely input (input), process (processing), and output (output).

  • Hardware Input

Hardware input (input) is hardware that has a function to share or send commands to the PC system. Illustrations of hard input features are keyboard, scanner, microphone, webcam, pointing device such as mouse, joystick, light pen, touchpad, touchscreen, and trackball.

  • Process Hardware

Serves to organize information according to commands obtained from hardware input and after that the results will be sent to hardware output to be displayed or printed. One illustration of the equipment of this processing hardware feature (process hardware) is the CPU (Central Processing Section).

  • Hardware Output

Serves to show or taste the results of processing information by hardware processes, illustrations of output hardware features are monitors, printers, speakers, and plotters.

  • Software Interpretation

For the Indonesian Wikipedia, the interpretation of Software is the usual term for information that is digitally formatted and stored, for example in Zendesk Indonesia. After that, it includes PC programs, choices, and various data that can be read and recorded by the PC. In other words, the amorphous part of the pc system.

This term is concerned with the comparison between the software and hardware features of a PC. Similar to hardware, it can broadly be divided into 3 groups based on the purpose for which it was made, namely Application, System, Malicious applications or commonly known as “Malware”.

  • Application Software

It is an application software used by PC consumers for various purposes such as office applications (Ms. Office, Kingsoft Office, Libre Office, and others). Multimedia applications (Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Cool Edit Defending), entertainment applications (KMPlayer, AIMP, Winamp, GOM), and many other types of application applications based on consumer desires.

System Software

It is an application designed to control or talk to hardware directly, examples of which are Operating Systems, Device Drivers, and Utilities.

  • Operating system

It is a software feature that controls the performance of a PC completely (Operating System) which has 3 uses, including:

  1. Coordinate and manipulate computer hardware features such as memory, printers, disks, keyboards, mice, and monitors.
  2. Organize files on various storage devices such as floppy disks, hard disks, CDs, DVDs, Tapes and manage or manage hardware crashes and data loss. Included in this Surgical System are illustrations such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, UNIX, BSD, Solaris, and many others.
  • Device Driver

It is a software component (application) that allows a PC system to talk to the PC hardware. The illustration is like a printer driver that wants to communicate with the PC system with the printer itself, so that the printer can work properly as well as it should.

  • Utilities

It is a PC program specially designed to help PC users in something like maintenance and maintenance of PC systems. Illustrations of utility programs are Tune Up, Revo Uninstaller, Antivirus, and others.

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